I am a Authorized Independent Distributor for Pace Products. My main priority is to provide you with products to save you money while maintaining and repairing your Roof, Asphalt, and Concrete Surfaces.

Pace Products Inc. has been a specialty company in the building and  property maintenance field since 1958. We are dedicated to always serve  our customers with quality products backed by a carefully planned  program that stresses continuous preventive maintenance. We do not say  our products will last forever.

But we do say, that properly used with attentive follow- through, our  customers can make roofs and blacktops last as long as their buildings.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or if you need additional information call us at 704-418-8666 or complete our contact form.



We provide quality protective coatings to waterproof, rejuvenate and restore  old, worn out, leaking paper / felt, gravel and mineral roll roofs applied at a fraction of the cost of replacement. What about metal roofs?  Pace's liquid rubber base roof coating seals, waterproofs, beautifies,  insulates, rustproofs and acts as a sound deadener all in one labor  saving application. Available in colors.



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